Apes Of The Gods token (AOTG) are located on the solana chain, developed as the governance token of the Apes of the Gods.
Initially, there will be very limited ways to earn $AOTG through gaming itself; this will eventually change with the introduction of community treasury staking
It should be noted, the $AOTG token is the governance token, therefore will provide staking opportunities to all that hold the tokens in the future.


AOTG is going to implement airdrops on our DAO for the NFTs holders and later on will be implemented in the mechanics of the p2e , with a total of 300,000,000.


Burning mechanism is in the optimization phase at this moment.


35% of total AOTG will be distributed to users through DAO and Governance participation. A large portion of 35% Ecosystem fund will be used to run giveaways and community events.
To ensure the longevity of the game, the total release of AOTG will halve every three years. (i.e. 15% of total AOTG supply will be earned by play2earn/Governance in the first three years, 7.5% in the second three years and 3.25% in the third three years, until all tokens are released).