The Apes of the Gods Project was created for the community and will be driven by it. The community comes first, always and forever.
Apes of the Gods is made up of 2,222 unique Superhero Apes. You become part of our army when you hold a Superhero Ape.
These Superheroes have come from far and wide. Some from different planets, others from different galaxies millions of light years away. All with different abilities but all with one purpose to protect the human race!
With the evolution of this project and many Generations of Apes to come there may be the possibility to fuse two Apes of the Gods NFT’s to create an Ultimate Superhero or even the possibility to give your Apes one of our potent Elixirs to further evolve them and make them even stronger! This will remain a secret between members of our army as we keep building this force!
We can’t wait to show you the different kinds of Superhero Apes that are created!
Who will you join forces with?
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